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Saturday, December 3, 2011

TaleSpring apps

TaleSpring offers many different types of book apps for children. A lot of these books are wonderful for special needs children and help explain things that we might not know how to easily. Some the books are perfect for older children and some are perfect for younger children. I have reviewed some of the books on another review. This will be the remaining books that come from TaleSpring right now :)

My Daddy is a great interactive and animated eBook about a boy and his dad. This book is very cute and fun for all little boys. This book shows little boys about all the things they can do with their daddy. This book keeps your little boys attention with all the things they can push throughout the book and see what will happen or what sound will be next :)

The Shortest Cactus Springs Tale Ever is a book about the old west and a hero that doesn't seem like he would be. This poor little cactus farmer is always managing to get in trouble with his cactuses. Come join this fun  cactus farming "bunny" on a fun adventure through the old west :)

Randy the Daydreaming Dog- Interactive eBook is about a dog named Randy and his ability to let his imagination run wild while his owner is out of the house. This story was "cute" according to my kids. The loved all the adventures Randy took while his owner was out. This book shows our children how it can be fun to just sit and daydream sometimes about far away places :)

Little Fraigglepants: Builds a Rocket Ship is a book about Little Frigglepants and what happens when he gets board. Mom won't help him find something to do so he starts to use his imagination and builds a rocket ship for him and Baby. This book has a lot of hidden things throughout to add to the fun of the story. This story was a lot of fun to read and play with. My kids really enjoyed this and learned they can turn anything into something with a little imagination. Yes I had to help them build a rocket ship afterward lol :)

Lucy has a Straw is an interactive story about Lucy and using her imagination with a straw. During the story Lucy finds all the different things she could use her straw after using one on her birthday. Follow along as Lucy finds some really funny uses for her straw. Warning your children will try all the uses out afterward. Positive great oral motor skills if they do try :)

It's Halloween is a wonderful story for Halloween. There is many different interactive things such as bats, pumpkins, and witches all throughout the story. My kids even enjoyed this story after Halloween and had fun playing with it :)

Darla of the Deep is a story about a Mermaid named Darla. This mermaid is a little different in the since Darla is a little girls mermaid friend from the bath. Join this little girl go on an adventure until her mom knocks on the door. This story is told in rhyme and is fun and enjoyable for all ages :)

My Adventure is a story about Trevor who thinks he lost his imagination. His dad helps him along to regain his imagination after taking a hike. Trevor even meets a friend that he can't believe is real. This story was fun I thought but my kids had a hard time paying attention for long so I would say it's for ages 7+ as it is a little long but is cute for older children who think they no longer have an imagination :)

The Winters, A Snowman Family, Storm and Windy's Busy Weekend is a story about a brother and sister snomen named Storm and Windy. Storm and Windy have a very busy weekend after their grandma and grandpa come into town. They have all sorts of fun with their grandparents sleding, building snowmen, and eating grandma's cookies. There is a lot of activities to do in this story including mini games at the end of it. This story is long but seemed to still hold my kids attention with all the different things to do along the story. It's very cute and the games at the end are great. :)

Searchlight Kids: Let's Learn Colors and Searchlight Kids: Let's Learn Shapes are two separate stories but are both made for preschoolers learning about colors and shapes. These stories are great for teaching all about shapes and colors and turn these stories into wonderful teaching methods with little test along the way. As your child learns different things they will be asked to find a certain thing. When they get it right they will be able to earn prizes and stars along the way. These stories are layed out really cute and fun for your preschooler to learn through. My youngest enjoys playing and learning with them a lot :)

Destiny Discovers Purpose. Road to Self Discovery is a book about learning about yourself and your gifts, talents, and abilities. This book helps your child learn all about themselves as they unlock gems to find Destiny and Christophers purpose in life. This story teaches your child about careers and finding their place in the world. I could not use this story on my kids as they are too young but they did play around with it a little but didn't understand what they were talking about so I would say it's for older at least middle school children but it is still a great book about finding your place in this world :)

Growing Up: Why Do I Feel This Way? is a great story for children growing up and becoming an adolescent. This is part 2 out of the growing up series. This book helps adolescents learn about changes they are experincing as they grow older. There is no sexual references but this book is for older children grades 4-6. This book is great for you and your child to work on togeather and helps explain a lot about growing up :)

Growing Up: What Is Adolescence is part 1 out of the growing up series ment for grades 4-6. Again this book helps explain adolescence and growing up to your child. This is a great story for you to work on with your child to explain growing up :)

See Rainbow Careers! is about career choices. This story helps teach your child about different careers based on their talents and their abilities. This book helps with showing your child different careers that are out there and helps them make choices for their future while still in jr. high/highschool. Your middle schooler may even enjoy this book and may want to start looking at different careers and learning about what they want to be when they grow up :)


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