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Friday, December 9, 2011


QuestionIt by LanguageLearningApps, LLC is a very awesome app for learning WH- questions. You get the choices of who, what doing, when, and where with each catagory of  sort, sentence, advanced sentence, and paragraph. Once you pick which your going to use then within each one your child will work on who, what doing, when and where. This app will help your child learn about each catagory depending on their skill level. You can track your children/students with the therapist settings if you would like. Sort and sentence has 3 levels of play each and advanced sentence and paragraph has two levels each depending on where your child is at you can bump them up a level if they are doing really well or lower the level if not. I'm not a big fan of the voice in this app as it is computer sounding so it's hard to understand for some children but otherwise the app is awesome. I really like how this app explains each catagory to your child as they get the answer right. Sort- helps your child learn where the word provided fits in each catagory of who, what doing, when and where. Sentence- gives your child a sentence and then asks a question. After the question is asked your child must pick where who, what doing, where, or when fits into the sentence such as uncle, playing, stadium, tonight and then the question is asked what doing. Your child then should pick playing to answer corectly. Advanced sentence- is just a little bit harder then sentence. Paragraph- Your child will be givin a paragraph and then asked a question. Each level starts off with color coded squares but if you pick the highest level the squares are no longer color coded so it makes it harder. I really do like this app and believe it is worth the cost. It helps a lot with wh-questions and the levels provided are wonderful. The only thing I would like to see in a future update of this app is the quality of the voice. Recommended app :)


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  1. We are working on updating the voice!! Thanks for your great review. One of the things I don't see in other programs is the first step of explaining what kind of word answers which kind of Wh-question. That's where the sorting activity comes in. There are over 4,000 sentences/questions for practice. And SLPs and parents alike like the data tracking feature. We're happy to be featured here!