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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fun With Directions HD

Fun With Directions HD by Hamaguchi Apps for Speech, Language and Auditory Development is a wonderful app for listening and following directions, colors, spatial concepts, auditory memory and auditory processing. There is simple to complex directions making this a wonderful app for many age groups. No matter the age this app can be adjusted for the child. There is ten concepts included give, touch, close, top, middle, bottom, push, color, and erase. There is three levels of play for different users from easy to advanced. There is an awesome feature included with this app called "Superstar Direction" where your child will get the chance for extra practice of remember by responding to questions which will then be recorded. This helps build on your childs expressive language as well. This option can be turned off if it is not wanted. I did this app with my 6 1/2yr old son who has a been working on these skills in speech class regularly so I started him on intermediate. Your child will be asked a question such as "look on the bottom shelf, find something red, put it in the basket." Your child will then be told if it was correct. I do wish it would move onto the next question automaticaly but it's still pretty simple with the button being right on the bottom to move onto the next question. I think this is a wonderful app for many aged children that need extra help with following directions. A lot of special needs children need to work on these skills and this app does a wonderful job at it. I could see this app being used at home, school, and therapy easily and the pictures and sounds make it a wonderful app for the child using it :) Highly Highly recommended :)



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