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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

i See-quence... Christmas

i See-quence... Christmas by I Get It, LLC is a wonderful social story all about what happends during Christmas. I love the fact that you can add your own pics and your own voice to the app. I would love to see where the button for your voice was made more noticable for children as it is on the top of the app and not very big but otherwise this app is awesome. So far I've loved all the I Get It apps that I own and find them very usefull with my special needs children. My kids always need and want to know what comes next and this app definatly helps with that. I also liked the fact that you can check the pictures off as they are completed. You can add your childs name and picture also to the app to make it even more personal to your child. You can change titles as needed and make this app perfect for your family. The preloaded pictures are even great if you find you don't have time to personalize it and they show the steps of Christmas very well. I would highly highly recommend this app to special needs chilren that need to know what happens next :)


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