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Monday, December 5, 2011

When Santa Got Sick

When Santa Got Sick by Food 4 Thought Productions is a very good book for children to learn that giving not receiving is the best part about Christmas. In this book Santa becomes ill and may not be able to do Christmas. A little elf in the story comes up with the idea that Santa should retire and alow friends and family to give gifts instead of Santa. I really did like this book but with three young children was a little concerned about the loss of Santa when he annouced he was going to retire next year. I have three children that take everything literal and worried that this might get them all worked up that Santa wasn't going to come no more. The whole idea around this story is wonderful though about friends and family giving gifts and the "true" meaning of Christmas comming back that so many children have forgotten or may have never known. In this "commercial" world we live in now the "true" meaning of Christmas is lost and our kids seem to want more and more gifts. This book is very cute and interactive and is read very well. :)


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