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Monday, January 9, 2012

Big Nate: Comix By U! HD

Big Nate: Comix By U! HD by Night and Day Studios, Inc. is an awesome app for your child to create their own comics. Big Nate is a 6th grader that is a self-described genius and loves to create comics. You get to help Big Nate create comics using this app with great characters, cool backgrounds and a bunch of props and sounds. There is three modes of play for your child based on their level. You can create as many different comics as you would like. All the characters that are included are from the Big Nate book series that some of you may be familar with. This app wasn't for my childrens ages so I got to test it out :). I never seen the Big Nate series before using this app but I found it to be fun and enjoyable. You get to fill in the speech bubbles, get story starters, start completely from scratch and use so many cool items in your comic to make it completely all your own. There is even 5 original app comix that were created by the writter himself Lincoln Peirce. I have to say this app was a lot of fun to try out and my kids did enjoy the comics once I finished them. I may not know the characters well but still enjoyed this app. I found this app to be best used with children that are able to write stories themselves or at least make up a story for their parents to add in the bubbles. Mine are not able to read or write yet for the most part but as I said did enjoy my stories once finished. This app is great for building thought and imagination to build a story of their very own. Highly highly recommended app :)


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