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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bugsy Kindergarten Reading- Teaches Phonics Alphabet Letters and Spelling

Bugsy Kindergarten Reading- Teaches Phonics Alphabet Letters and Spelling by Peapod Labs LLC is a wonderful Kindergarten app. I loved Bugsy PreK and this one is even better. This app includes alphabet, phonics, spelling, reading, and vocabulary. There is 370+ words in the vocabulary section alone. You can adjust the skill levels based on your child's needs and this app will also track your child's progress as they go along. There is wonderful rewards, stickers, characters, and a really cool astronaut land to help keep your child wanting more. This app is helping my kindergartner learn so much and has helped him in school tremendously. Peapod Labs offers so many different apps that are wonderful for the very young to elementary school learning. When you first enter Bugsy Kindergarten you are greeted by Bugsy the very cute and friendly hamster. He encourages your child to start learning and keep learning through the whole app. I love that the settings are difficult for children to get into. You must reverse pinch to get into them to pick your user and adjust skill levels. You can see your child's progress also when you go into these settings. This app is great for Kindergartners and I highly highly highly recommend it :)


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