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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mental Note for iPad- the digital notepad

Mental Note for iPad- the digital notepad by Zymbiotic Technologies is an awesome app for not taking. This app is better then your usual note taking either on paper or even on your iPad as it has the ability to add pictures, voice recordings, drawings, and text all on the same page. Even if you do not have a stylus ready and available but you need to write something down right now you can just use your finger right on the page. I love the fact of being able to add voice as it turns this app into a voice recorder in addition to a note taker. I could see this app being wonderful for teachers, therapist, and of course parents but best of all students that need to record numerous notes while studying for test. This app can be used a lot in the special ed. classroom as you are working with students. You can record all while writing so you can go back and review latter.  I really liked that you can email when done so if your a therapist you can send your findings over to the parent afterword. You can even password protect your notes, attach a calender, organize your notes, and email your notes using a PDF format. The uses of this app are unlimited for your needs of note taking and the length of the note is only limited by the memory of your device. There is an in-app that is available for paper customization which is explained below from their website. Highly highly highly recommend :)

Version 2.6 includes an optional feature that allows notes to be created on any type of paper: any background, any colour, any texture. Create notes on paper with your letterhead, or on paper that has your logo as a watermark, or on paper that's actually a simple form.

In order to use this feature the feature must first be enabled in the Mental Note Paper settings: tap settings (the gear icon) from the list of notes screen, then Paper, and Customize.

Once the feature has been enabled, customizing the paper from settings will affect all notes (e.g. do this if you want a letterhead on all notes). Enabling the feature also adds a new toolbar button to the Note toolbar: Change Paper. Change Paper allows customizing the paper for each note (e.g. removing a letterhead for a specific note).

Paper customization involves selecting an image from your Photo Library and adjusting some basic settings. Any image may be used. (For advanced image creation settings, see here.)

To create all notes on the same type of paper (e.g. a letterhead on all notes):

- Tap the Settings toolbar button
- Tap Paper
- Tap Custom

To change the type of paper for a specific note:

- Open the note
- Tap the Note toolbar button
- Tap the Change Paper toolbar button

Letterheads, watermarks, paper colours/textures, and forms are just a few examples of how this feature can be used. We look forward to hearing ideas from you - please share with us how you use this feature. Want to share a custom paper type that you've created with all Mental Note users?

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