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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ten Giggly Gorillas

Ten Giggly Gorillas by Wasabi Productions is a very fun and cute book app. This app is fully interactive and colorful. My children loved playing with each of the monkeys on the pages. They loved tickling each of the monkeys to make them drop down and say funny phrases. On each of the page you will have to find the monkey being described and help them by tickling them to make them drop. The monkey you are looking for will light up to help your child see which one they are describing. You also can find the toucan on each of the pages. The toucan can be difficult to find on some of the pages and I would love to see it be a little more visible but it is defiantly a fun little extra on each page. There is over 100 interactive sounds with this book. On each of the pages you can find the toucan, tickle the monkey that needs to drop, and touch all the other monkeys to hear fun phrases. At the end of the book you can even play a fun matching game with the monkeys from the story. This is a very cute and fun book app that I highly highly highly recommend :)


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