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Sunday, October 23, 2011

iTalk Smurf

iTalk Smurf by FrogDogMedia LLC is a cute app from all of our faviorts the Smurfs. This app changes your voice when you speak to it to sound like Clumsy the smurf. There is many hidden sounds that when played around with you can discover. Your children will love this app if you have tried other apps that talk back to you. For some kids this app will help with speaking in general and with others like mine it will help build conversation skills. It's amazing how when you don't have to talk to a person how great of a conversation you can have with something just repeating you. My 6yr old actully feels confertable enough speaking to these types of apps he speaks almost totally clearly and will actully answer questions. He feels like he has a friend to talk to that won't run away from him or judge him :)


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