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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pirate ph.d. by Bear-Eco Technologies, LLC

Pirate ph.d. by Bear-Eco Technologies, LLC is another great pirate game that as you play it dresses up your pirate. It has many different games on the free version and then the expanded version is only 99cents and is well worth the price. There is rhyming, time, adding, riddles, animals, coins, sentence completion, colors and matter. It's a well rounded app with many different learning activities for many ages. It talks in a pirates voice that many children enjoy. No need for reading as it will read for you for most games (not all but most). It's great for kindergarten and above age groups. It doesn't dock you points or make you not get points if you get it wrong which some will enjoy and some won't. Be sure to go and check out the free version of this app and see if it's something you may be able to use :)

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