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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

BehaviorTrackerPro by Marz Consulting Inc.

BehaviorTrackerPro by Marz Consulting Inc. is a great app for tracking behavior especially for professionals. I love the option of video recording the behaviors. You can get graphs for all the behaviors rated by frequency, Duration, or rate. There is no max on how many children you record so it makes for a wonderful app for teachers, theripst, or anyone trying to track multiple children at the sam...e time. It's a little difficult to learn how to use but still easy enough once learned to put in all the data. The ability to record your child sets it apart from most other behavior tracker and definatly makes this app worth while if your looking to put all the data including video of your child in action with the behavior. Also for multiple observers of the child/children it has this option so anyone can use it once you put their name in so you can track even how the child is with different observers. It also has it so you must triple tap to get out of each thing so your child can't exit you by accident which can be helpful also. It has many preset behviors already within the app with the ability to add more as needed. It also has a space to take notes while running the app so if you think of something you need to write down you have the area to do it without leaving the app. All in all a little hard to get used to but once you do it's a wonderful app for tracking behaviors.

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