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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Builder apps from Mobile Education Tools

SentenceBuilder, Question Builder, PrepositionBuilder, StoryBuilder, SentenceBuilderTeen, Speech Journal, ConversationBuilderDeluxe, and LanguageBuilderDeluxe are excellent speech apps. I would recommend these apps for any child with speech delays. They are excellent apps to use at school, home, or therapy. I did a review already of PrepositionBuilder before but haven't reviewed the rest so here it goes.
SentenceBuilder- This app helps your child build and develop sentences. The pictures are bright and colorful which keeps the childs interest. This app helps develope sentence structure by having to build sentence in correct manor by sliding each word one by one till you get a sentence that is gramer correct.
SentenceBuilderTeen- Is the same as above just made for older children. The sentences are more in depth and there is no animation. This is more for older child/adults that would need help with sentence structure.
StoryBuilder- This app is for building a story around a picture. You can record your child and then play it back latter. It starts with a short beginning to get your child to start the story. The pictures are great and the story starters help get your child moving along with the story.
Question Builder- Teaches your child to answer questions. You are asked W questions and then givin choices of how to answer the questions. This one is great for younger children to start out with out of the mobile ed apps. I use this one with all three of mine.
Speech Journal- Is exactully as it states. You can use the voice recorder to save words or sentences and the put images with them. It's a journal for your child. You can save and delet as you wish. You can even make a slideshow of what was made.
ConversationBuilderDeluxe- Teaches children how to have a conversation. I love this app and it is one of my faviorts and most used. It will give you three choices of what the conversation should be like. You can record what your child says so they can hear the conversation fall into place. I love the deluxe version since it comes with all the conversation themes right there. You can chose to do just one theme or you can randomize them all. This app was made for teachers to be able to buy so they could have all the in app's. If you are just looking for conversationBuilder without the inapps it is also available. There is no difference other then the extra modules being included between the two of them.
LanguageBuilderDeluxe- This is my other faviorite from Mobile Ed. This one works great even with my youngest. I have him work on it all the time. Pictures are totally realistic so no confusion about what the answers should be. This app helps children fill in the blanks and expand their language. This app is no different again from the origanal Language Builder but does include all inapp purchases. I would recommend this to any child that needs help building their language skills. It will be a purchase you wouldn't regreat and can be used for a long time.
Ok that's all the mobile ed apps (other then prepostionbuilder which was reviewed below). I highly recommend all there apps since they help children build their language skills. Please remember that if you love these apps to share them with your childs teachers, speech teachers, and more. It will only help them to build more apps in the future and expand out to even better speech apps to help all of our children :)

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