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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hop on Pop by Oceanhouse Media

Hop on Pop is one of my faviort books of all time. I have always loved this book and this just made me love it even more. I found the pictures to be wonderful on my Ipad and I loved the function of hearing what different things were when pressed throughout the book. My kids loved this book and it went slow enough (unlike mom) to hear the words clearly. This book is wonderful to learn rhyming and oppisites. My children struggle in both these areas and I'm still trying to teach all three of them the difference between the two and what they mean. This book helps so much with all of it. I usually wouldn't even look at a book without all the extras in it but this book is great without it. The words are read very clearly throughout the book so children can hear how to say each word clearly. I highly recommend this book if you love Dr. Suess and your children need practice on rhyming and oppisites. You can find this book and more at www.oceanhousemedia.com , @OceanhouseMedia on twitter, on the oceanhouse media on facebook, and their link to Itunes is http://bit.ly/omapps

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