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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Once Upon a Potty: Boy by Oceanhouse Media

Once Upon a Potty: Boy is a wonderful book for potty training children. Like the book you can by in stores but a whole lot better. I have the regular copy but decided my 4yr old would probably like this book on the Ipad and I was very right. They even have a potty song!!! My son walks all over the house with the Ipod singing to this song :). He enjoys the book since it's so easy for him to just sit and listen too. Very easy format for children to use. Very big positive was that my son is now potty trained day and night. I do owe some of that to this book. It wasn't long afterward that he was fully potty trained. My older two even love to sit and listen to the song and find the book very funny. They love all the things the little boy tries to do with the potty. If you have a child your trying to potty train this book is definatly for them. Very well done app by Oceanhouse Media. You can find them at www.oceanhousemedia.com ,@oceanhouseMedia on twitter, on facebook under Oceanhouse Media, or straight to Itunes at http://bit.ly/omapps

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