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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

PicPocket Books

  1. Peter Rabbit HD is a great story about Peter Rabbit. This is my 6yr olds faviort stories of all time. This book did it justice. The pics are nice and bright. It doesn't have any animation to it and keeps it very much like the original. I wish it was a little more upbeat but is great for bedtime. If you love the book you'll love this. Defiantly a treasured book that all children will enjoy.
  2. Skid and the Too Tiny Tunnel HD is a cute book that my children enjoyed. It's about a truck named Skid who is smaller then all the other trucks. He was pasted up as worth nothing until the tunnel came down on their friend. It shows children that no matter how small they can always be worth something sometime. Everyone is needed in this world even if you are the smallest in the bunch.
  3. Pete and Pillar HD is about two trucks that are completly different but are the best of friends. They are told not to be friends from all the other trucks but they still remain friends. Then a big problem comes up in the community and the two friends go off to save the other trucks but one starts to not trust the other because of what the other trucks said to him. I let you read the rest of the story though once you buy the app (don't want to give it away :) ). My kids loved this book because it should even if you are different you can still be friends
  4. Peterkin Meets a Star HD is a wonderful app that me and the kids throughly enjoyed. My kids even felt bad for the star when he was sick. Bright colorful pictures with some items you can push throughout makes this one of my top books in my collection. My daughter who is starting to read like to follow along with the story. I liked that it was shorter then some of the other stories that are on the ipad because some of them get very long. I'd say younger children up to first grade will love this story.
  5. Huggybird HD is a great story about a little bird who finds a dream box. He goes on many different adventures throughout the story. It has some animation to it which keeps it lively for the little ones but the story is adventurous enough for the older ones. I enjoyed the story and thought it was very nicely done. I think this story is for children ages baby to first grade and that boys and girls alike should enjoy this story.
  6. Wendy Whale HD is a alphabet book that has many different animals in it. Each letter represents many different animals throughout. My boys enjoyed searching for each animal on the page. I enjoyed the story too but my daughter wasn't a huge fan. Part of her problem with the book was that she already knew the alphabet and it was long lol. The animals in the book are very colorful and I even learned a few new ones. If you have Kindergarten and below this app is defenitly a good one. It may even be for older children then that that love animals and seeing all the different ones this story offers.
  7. Snuggle Mountain is one of my faviorts from PicPocket. I loved this story and it had many things to interact with. When you touched certain things they would make noise. I read this with my six year old son and he thought it was great. He liked the story and being able to touch the different things. This story is about Emma and her quest to get her pancakes but first she must climb a mountian. She runs into many different things along the way in her quest. I highly highly recommend this one
  8. Three Blind Mice is a funny song/book. It starts and ends with the whole song. It sings as it tells the story. It's about three blind mice that think they are climbing many different things only to find out it's an elephant. My children and myself enjoyed singing along with the story. It is definnatly not a bedtime story but is a great for a daytime story. I recommend this book for many ages and think it's a very fun and entertaining book.
  9. A, My Name is Andrew is a alphabet book. It has many tounge-twisters throughout. My children weren't big fans since it's really long but the tounge-twisters make it worth it for the older bunch. Toddler to early preschoolers whould probably have a very hard time sitting through it and a lot of the words are long. It is a mulit-culteral book though which makes it unique and the twisters make it fun.

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