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Sunday, October 23, 2011

I-Itch inc. apps

Let's Bead Friends is the perfect app for little girls that love to build jewelry without the mess. You can design many different bracelets while playing with this app. You choose out of 10 colors and 5 different shapes. You can tag your bracelet and then share via email, facebook, or save it in your jewelry box. You can use this app as a eductional app by learning colors, patterns, shapes and much more. I use this for the educational value with my boys by teaching them how to make patterns but my daughter loves to make the jewlery over and over again.

ABC Shakedown Plus is a wonderful educational app. There is three catagories Classic, See it/ Say it, and Hear it/ Hit it. Classic is interducing your child to the abc's, see it is your child has to choose between three blocks and then your child will put it with the corresponding picture, and lastly hear it is where your child must drag the correct dot to the picture that makes the same sound. This app is great for learning the basics of your abc's all the way down to the sounds letters make. All three of my kids use it for different things. I would recommend this app if your child is having problems learning the alphabet or learning there sounds that the letters make :)


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