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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

TeddyMix 1 and TeddyMix 2 by Leripa AB

TeddyMix 1 and TeddyMix 2 by Leripa AB is a great app for preschool up to first grade (at least in my home). It's aimed at preschoolers but my 7 1/2yr old daughter even likes these. TeddyMix 1 is sort and categorize which helps children learn the difference of items and puting them in the correct bucket. I know here my kids have a hard time learning the different categories of different items so i...t helps teach these things. It also has what does not belong which helps children recoganize things from a group that don't belong within the catagory. TeddyMix 1 is a build and design app. You get differnt seens that you can make your own. This is a fun little app that children will love to make all the diffent seens. When you put different items on the screen it will make them animated which is different then some other make sceen app. Each time you tap a item without dragging it you will get a different item to use. You can even take a pic of your sceen and change your music or turn backround music off if you would like. All in all cute little app that most children in this age group will enjoy. I love the little teddy bears they have and all the different things they use in the app. I would love to see more catagories added in the future to both apps to further extend them out :)

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