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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

AutismTrack by Handhold Adaptive, LLC

AutismTrack by Handhold Adaptive, LLC is also a great easy to use app for tracking behavior. I loved this app for tracking behavior at home. Very easy to use checklist that allows you to track behaviors, therapies used, medications, and diets. There is not an option to video record but still is wonderful to use. On the first screen is the childrens names, birthdate, and dx. Then you put in the int...erventions used such as vitamins, diets, and therapies used. This area even has a place to put checkmarks so if one wasn't used that day you know it. Next is behaviors themselves that you rate from least to most desirable. It's a sliding scale from 0 to 100%. Next is review. You can review your entries, analyze trends, and even email raw metrics. All areas have preset items that you can choose from or you can enter your own also. There is everything from fine motor skills to hitting. Even under medications there is some of the most common meds used in the library along with diet and therapies. If yours is not on the list it's easy to add as needed. This app is primarily used for autism behavior tracking unlike the last app I reviewed but could be used also for some similar things such as adhd. I like this app for families and teachers primarily since it's so simple to put the data in and graph and email others. If your looking for a simple behavior tracker without all the bells and wistles this app is for you. Fast, easy, and uncomplacated to use :)

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