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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

icommunicate by Grembe Inc.

icommunicate by Grembe Inc. is a pretty good app if you need picture communication or story boards. I use it mainly for story boards for my kids since they do have language but have a hard time with order of things. My 6yr old also uses when he has problems with talking since he has a hard time with words at times. I love the story board feature on it since it's simple to use but I still prefer to have them accessable to all my kids so I prefer the printed version but you can do that with this app. It's easy to use your own pictures and then latter print them off. My version of icommunicate is a testing version but most of it should be in the app already or will be very shortly. I am still testing it out and have much more to learn about the app but I still would recommend it for these options if that is what your needing. It's a lot cheaper then the old systems and very versitile to your needs, if one part doesn't quite fit for your child another part of the app might :)

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