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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Shapes and Puzzles by Pirate Trio

Shapes and Puzzles by Pirate Trio is a wonderful app. I love this app for my 4yr old most of all. He has a lot of fine motor problems and this helps a lot with that. He works very hard at trying to get the puzzles togeather but he keeps at it because of this app. He loves seeing the pic when it's all togeather. He also has a hard time with matching pieces but this app has helped a lot with that al...so. It also has you find shapes and colors with the blocks which helps with color and shape regognization. The voice is very clear when they do this so it's easily understood by the child. I do also use this on my 6yr old for the puzzles since he also is still doing the basics with finemotor. I would definatly recommend this app for any child with finemotor problems or that needs to learn shapes and colors :)See More

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