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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Splash Math Grade 1 by studypad, inc.

Splash Math Grade 1 by studypad, inc. is awesome for children entering or in grade 1 math skills. It's not overly kidish for older children that are on a first grade level so even they would enjoy working with this app. I love it because even though it's not overly kiddish there is a lot of prompting to get the answers right so you can see what happends next. It runs like a workbook so it doesn't read off the words so you will most likely have to sit next to them and help. That is the only downfall I seen because my daughter loves to work on this stuff by herself. It does have sounds however which helps make it a want to play app even without the question being read to them. This is one of her most faviort math apps she has even though needs me to help her through.

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