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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

DotToDot numbers & letters by Apps in my Pocket Ltd

DotToDot numbers & letters by Apps in my Pocket Ltd is great for many different ages. It helps all my kids learn their numbers and letters. It has many different settings and you can adjust these to your childs needs. It will keep track if your child answers wrong but I have found some faults in it while working with Logan. He got a lot wrong but it only showed ones up in the count if he his the number not if the line went to the wrong place. I don't really keep track of this but some do so if you want something really accurate with this you might not get that with this. All in all this app is great. I love the pics and sound effects are great for encourgement. You are able to have pics of your children so they know who's is who's and it will give you preset settings for each age group which you can change as needed for your child. The parentzone is great for setting everything up for your children so it's ready to go when they are and you must answer a question to get into it. Great app if your kids love dot to dot's or if you need to work on abc's and 123's.

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