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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bugs and Buttons

Bugs and Buttons by Little Bit Studio, LLC. is an excellent app. You won't believe all the games your child can play within in this one app. There is 18 different games in all!!! This app has 40+ achievement stamps for your child to earn and find within the app. There is fling bees (darts), fly a butterfly (race), tic-tac-toe, sorting, and so much more. This app helps with counting, fine motor, path finding, patterns, sorting, tracking and more. If you have a child that loves bugs or buttons this app is definatly for them but I would recommend to even those that don't. I loved when I found the pinching game in this app. It reminded me of one of my childrens other faviorts that has helped them with fine motor skills a lot. This app has wonderful pictures and sounds which help keep our children interested in the app. I enjoyed playing with the app for quite a while myself and I didn't even get board I got it taken away from me by my kids once they seen it :). Out of my two boys, one loves bugs and wants to keep and save them all and the other one wants to stomp on them all so it's kind of funny watching them play with this app. My daughter even enjoys this app and played it for over an hour once she got it away from the boys. Highly highly recommended app!!!


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  1. Bugs and Buttons is a great app! It's a lot of fun to play and teaches skills such as sorting, sequencing, matching, and problem solving. Many of the activities on Bugs and Buttons might even help reinforce ABA goals.