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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Feelings Book

Feelings Book by Communication Crossroads, Inc. is app about feelings. If your children are anything like mine they have a hard time with recognizing and understanding feelings. This app is about trying to help your child identify, understand, and regulate feelings. There is three levels to this app. Number 1 is about teaching expression of emotions. Level one will help through photo representations approprite responses. Level 2 is about helping identifing your emotions through words and pictures that are shown. Level 3 is for children that are school age that have started with basic vocab or emotions and reading skills. I have not used level three on my children since it's too high of a level for them. Level 1 only has 4 emotions happy, angry, sad, and scared where as Level 2 has 8 levels angry, frustrated, happy, silly, bored, scared, embarrassed, and sad. Level one shows what to do only when your child presses how they are feeling where as Level two will ask questions such as how sad am I? (it has a sliding bar for your child), I feel sad when...., and When I'm sad, I can... (which will show what to do). This app has been great for my kids to start to get them to recognize their emotions and express them with not only using their words but also to rate how they are feeling. :)


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