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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

60 Story Starters

60 Story Starters by Super Duper Publications is a great story starter app. This app helps children build a story and combines it with audio. You can create up to 180 ways to tell a story. This app helps children improve on describing, questioning, inferencing, writing, and storytelling/retelling. Your child touches the screen to hear a start of a story then they can talk or write the rest of the story. This app is for 1 child at a time and then can be emailed to anyone that you want. You can use this app any way you want because you track correct and incorrect answers so if your child can't tell a whole story maybe they can say a sentence or how the person might be feeling, ect. My kids aren't quite at the whole story telling yet. I have them try to say a sentence to finish out the prompt and to talk about feelings. I recommend this app for any child that is starting to work on sentences or story telling. This app can be used for individual speech classes or by parents :). Highly recommended app.


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