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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How Would You Feel If...

How Would You Feel If... by Super Duper Publications is a great app for feelings. This is another common problem with children on the spectrum. They don't understand feelings very well and need practice at learning them. My kids struggle to understand why someone might feel hurt when something bad happens or why someone is laughing when a joke is told. This app helps them understand what they might feel if something happends to them such as a flat on their bike. When the child presses the screen they can listen to the prompt or be read the prompt and then must answer how they might feel in the situation. You can then hit red or green for a correct or a incorrect response. This again has 56 cards included and you can have up to 5 players at a time. I know with my kids since I have three of them with simmilar problems I love that you can have more then one at a time join in. I can keep track of right and wrong answers and email it to whoever might need it. This app is wonderful and highly recommended by me for children on the spectrum or children that don't quite understand feelings yet.


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