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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Duck Duck Moose apps

Duck Duck Moose produces many different apps that are especially geared toward toddlers and preschoolers with some that even include Kindergarten and 1st grade. They are fun and enjoyable for all :)

Fish School HD teaches your child about letters, numbers, shapes, abc song, colors, differences, matching, and playtime. This app has wonderful music and pictures. Your child will have so much fun with this app that they won't even know they are learning. My 4yr old loves this app a lot and teaches him a lot with the fun pictures. This app is easy for your child to play with themselves or with you. It's been proven that children seem to love watching fish and this app has a whole lot of fish that teach your child many different things :) Highly recommended app

Park Math teaches your child early math skills such as numbers, addition, greater and less then, subtraction, patterns, sorting, and counting. This app is great for preschoolers and kindergarten in that it teaches your child so much about the early math skills that your child will learn all through life. Park math has two levels, one for preschoolers that will count up to 20 with adding and subtracting up to 5 and one for kindergarteners that will count up to 50 and has adding and subtracting up to 10. This app has fun and playful music throughout that will help keeping your child wanting more. Both my boys love this app and it has helped my daughter who's in first grade learn the basic skills to exell in math now :) Highly recommended app

Word Wagon teaches your child all about words. Your child can choose from animals, food, vehicles, numbers and colors, around the house, mozzarella and Coco's favorites, and all words. This app has 4 levels. Level 1 is letters where your child will learn all the names of the letters in a fun and enjoyable way. Level 2 is phonics where your child learns about the sounds the letters make which is very important once your child goes to kindergarten for early reading skills. This level has helped my 6yr old out a lot with this since he struggles with early reading. Level 3 is spelling 1 which spells words up to 4 letters which is great for the end of kindergarten begging of 1st grade. Level 4 is spelling 2 which spells words up to 6 letters which is important by the middle to end of 1st grade. This app covers many age group all the way from 1yr old to 1st grade level. My kids love that you collect stickers along the way and they are animated. This helps my kids stay interested in this app for a very long time :) Highly recommended app

Puzzle Pop is Duck Duck's newest app and it holds up to the standers that have held true for all the Duck Duck apps. My kids love puzzles but have a hard time doing them because of their fine motor problems but this app has different levels for different abilities. I think they are right when they say this app is great from ages 3-99!!!. The puzzle pieces are animated and fun. There is 27 levels of puzzles for all abilities. I always love when they add fun music in an app and this one has it. This app teaches children problem solving, sequencing, spatial reasoning, shape, patteren, color recognition, and fine motor skills. I enjoyed playing with this app before my kids got a hold of it and found on the highest level a wonderful challenge where as when my kids got a hold of it the easier levels where wonderful for them and kept their attention and they have a lot of fun with this app :) Highly recommended app

Musical Me! HD is a wonderful music app. This app teaches or children about memory, rhythm, dance, instruments, and notes. This app was so much fun to play with. I loved the music and all the different colors in this app. If you have a sensory seeking child like mine at times the planet memory game is great with the bright planet on the blue background and all the different pitches. This app also helps with fine motor skills as your child has to press all the birds in the learn rhythm section. This app teaches all about different instruments and their sounds in a fun and educational way. My children play this app a lot since all three have a love for music even though they are kind of tone deaf lol :) Highly recommended app

Ok last three are going in one. They are all wonderful highly recommended app but are all animated nursery rhymes and songs. They are Wheels on the Bus, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and Old MacDonald. My children have a hard time with rhyming especially my 6yr old. These apps have helped him start to sing along and learn the words. My other two are starting to learn more and more rhyming words everyday and I found that these apps have helped tremendously with that. We all know these songs from our childhood which makes them familiar and fun to sing along with. Your child can touch many things along the way which makes it even more fun then other song apps that I have found. Highly recommended apps :)

Wheels on the Bus:

Old MacDonald:

Itsy Bitsy Spider:

Fish School:

Baa Baa Black Sheep:

Park Math:

Word Wagon [NEW!]
Puzzle Pop
Musical Me

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