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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hairy Letters

Hairy Letters by Nessy is a very very cute app. I loved the little hairballs that are used for tracing letters. This app is great fine motor skills and perfect for children learning the alphabet and how to write it. There are games to play to reinforce the learning and starts to teach simple words all by the help of the hairballs. The characters are animated to keep your childs attention all through the app. My boys loved this app. They find the hairballs wonderful to play with and it keeps their attention no problem which is normaly hard to do. I love how the app starts out with only a few letters at a time so not to confuse the child. You can choose small letter, big letter, and dotted letter which is great so you can get more long time use out of the app even past learning the alphabet in capital letters like some others I've used. It sounds out the letter as you push it so the child can also start learning the sounds each letter makes. Before your child goes to trace the letter the little hairball with show them how and then they trace it with their finger. If they go too far off it will make a sound and it will have a sign with a hairball saying try again. When you first push a letter you will get a picture that when pressed becomes animated, the letter with letter sound, a word of the pictured above, and then the to be traced letter. This app is great. I would recommend it to any child learning to write and learning letters sounds. Highly recommended :)


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