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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Understanding Inferences Fun Deck

Understanding Inferences Fun Deck by Super Duper Publications is one of the first super duper apps I owned. I loved how it made my children think. My children don't seem to know how to answer openended questions but with this app between the prompts of the words and then the pictures they are up to 50% right most of the time. There are 52 cards but you can choose which ones you want to use or you can use them all. You can track up to 5 players at a time and email your results at the end. This is great for teachers, therapist, and parents. Some of the prompts are The baby is crying because..., tell me which picture shows, "Brenda hopes to catch a fish", and many more. This app is great especially if your just starting out with Super Duper apps because there is a wide variety of questions from easy to hard and the ability to choose which questions you want out of the 52 cards makes it so even the very young can play. I would recommend that if your child is verbal you could start using this app even at age 3 but even if nonverbal if they use a AAC or PEC system they could start using some of the cards even around this age too. I highly recommend any of the Super Duper apps and think children of all ages can get a lot of use from them :)


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