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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bugsy Pre-K

Bugsy Pre-K by Peapod Labs LLC is a great preschool learning app. You can have different profiles for different children. Comming soon you will be able to get progress reports that enable you to support your childs learning. There is many different subjects in the app such as colors, shapes, letters, and more for a total of 6 learning subjects. I love that your child can earn interactive toys which helps hold your childs interest longer. There is controls to customize your childs learning or you can just use them all. My boys use this app a lot. My youngest loves learning with Bugsy and thinks of him as ZuuZuu who he loves. My other son uses this to continue building on what he already knows since he still has problems with some of the catagories those are the ones we work on where as with my youngest he's still learning all the catagories. I would recommend this app for children working on their preschool skills. They have this app recommended for ages 3-6 and that is just about right. You could use this app for younger or older depending on their learning ability. Cute friendly app :)


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