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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Firehouse Adventure

Firehouse Adventure by Peapod Labs LLC is a cute app that has many different games included. There is a total of 8 mini games that are all different. You can rescue animals with the ladder, help the fireman get through traffic, help dress the firefighter, and much more. My boys just love playing with this app. It helps teach them about firesaftey which is very important. Sometimes it's hard to teach our kids about some of this stuff without showing them how it works. This app helps show our children what firefighters are for and how they put out fires. Sure is a kids app but there is some learning that shows through especially if you sit down and explain to your child what they are doing in each game. I also love that this app helps with fine motor and hand eye cordination by having to use their fingers to do some of the apps and also some tilt screen games. Me and my kids think this qualifies as a recommend app by us :)


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