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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


OneVoice by Legend is a wonderful AAC device app. There is 4 high quality voices (2 for male and 2 for female). You can chose from over 100 custom made icons and choose and crop your own photos also. You use a drag and drop for your phrases and categories. You can make this app your own completely and make it useful for all ages because of the wonderful realistic images. This app was reviewed by a friend of mine since my children do not need an AAC app. Here is her review----

I Love the fact you can customize it to your childs needs..The pictures are so real looking.I also like for an example my son can push the wants and needs button and pictures will show up on the screen he can pick the I want button then go to the categories button and for the example push the food button then pick the picture of an orange the words will show up in the white box then he pushs the blue box that has the word speack on it...its awesome not only does my child get to see real pictures he gets to hear the the sentance that he wants a orange...since the pictures are so real it is very easy to use this for all age groups..my son has severe autism and he is less frustrated because he can communicate with me and in the process he learned a few new words. When I took my son to the speech department at Mayo Clinic they told me that my son needed to see real pictures and not stick figures. This app lives up to the real pictures and is working well for my son. He will be using this app at home and at school. This app is highly recommended by me and is well worth the price of the app.



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