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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Plurals Fun Deck

Plurals Fun Deck by Super Duper Publications is a wonderful app for children that have a hard time using plurals. This app has 56 cards within the app and canu be used for up to 5 players at a time. This app will score automaticaly or you can choose to manually score if you would like. This app helps children recognize which words should be used as plurals and which should not. This app could also help children learn the correct spelling of the words as they are going through them they will see the words written below and will slowly recognize how they are spelled such as the word child compared to children. This app helps children learn what the plural form of each word is and which one should be put in the sentence such as "The ___ are going to fly a kite." with choices of "child" and "children". There is also sentences such as "Sarah has a new ___." with choices of "toys" and "toy". I love this app for my children because my boys either leave off the s or add the s or with some words such as child instead of saying children they say childs. This app helps them learn the correct form of the words to use within the sentence. This helps my daughter learn which to add s's to and which not to when learning to spell. Wonderfull highly recommended app once again :)


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