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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

More from Portegno Apps :)

Who took this photo- Zoo is a cute little app that really makes your child think. You have to pick who took the photo at the zoo. You are presented with a photo with all the animals in it but one!!! The animal that is not in the picture is the one that took the photo. This app helps with thinking skills which is very important for our children to learn :)

School Wordfind is a great wordfind app. I love that Portegno's wordfinds show the pictures with the words so your child can learn to match the word with the picture for early reading skills. There is three levels easy, medium, and hard. When your child finds the word there is animation and it reads the word out for them. This app is all about school.  My daughter really loves all the wordfinds from Portegno :)

Zoo Wordfind is another great wordfind app. There is three levels of play also in this app of easy, medium, and hard. This app is all about zoo items. This app is similar to the one above except that it's about zoo animals :)
Zoo Coloring Book is a wonderful coloring book app. This app is very cute and friendly and great for any age. The animals in this app a darling and easy to color for little hands. The paints are easily found at the bottom of the page with the paintbrushes on the left hand side. There is 31 designs included in this app.

iPuzzle Words- Animals is a great that teaches your child early spelling, recognition, and reading. This app was made for children ages 2+. Your child needs to put the puzzle pieces so the word and the picture all line up to make the picture. This app has three levels of play easy, hard, and all. Once the word is in order the app spells out the word for your child. This app will help my oldest son and my daughter a lot with learning words and spelling. My youngest loves the app already which is great because he has a lot of problems with puzzles but is doing great with this one :)


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