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Friday, November 18, 2011

2BME Firefighter

2BME Firefighter by 2BME Studios is a wonderful app all about firefighting. This app is perfect for any child that dreams of being a fireman or is learning about fire safety. You get to take a tour of the station where your child learns about the firetruck, the equipment including the firemans suit, and more. You get to dress the fireman, sound the alarm, and more in this app. You then get to go on fire missions to rescue a burning building and save a cat from a tree. You can race over and over again to get your best time on the burning building mission to gain different ranks of fireman. Your child can go back to the classroom for a Q and A session that helps reinforce fire saftey and facts that were found throughout the game. This app is very educational and I agree on what 2BME says about this app in that it is great for hand eye coordination, fine motor skills, cognitive and language develpment. This game has been enjoyed by my children and they love this app. They just went through firesafety last month at their school and loved to play along and hear all over again all that they had learned and then be able to put out fires. I love the graphics in this app and the voice used within the app is easy to understand all of which gives our child complete indepence while using this app. It will tell your child everything they need to know when using it. Highly recommended apps :)


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