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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

All About You all About Me Fun Deck

All About You all About Me Fun Deck by Super Duper Publications is a wonderful app about your child. There is 56 cards included and you can track up to 5 players at a time. This app teaches wonderful social skills and skills every child needs to know about themselves. There is questions such as "What is your phone number?" and "What is your name?". Some questions may be easy for your child to answer some may not. Some of the questions are open ended and will help your child have a conversation with you such as "Tell me about your friends.". This app has been wonderful for my kids and everytime we use it I hope they will start to learn more and more each time. You can chose which questions you want to use with your child/children which is great because like with my own we are still working on learning their phone number and I know the address is harder so we work on the phone number first. Once they have that mastered I will add the card for the address. This is a highly recommended app that even if your child uses an AAC app I would highly recommend this app.


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