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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What Would You Do at Home If...

What Would You Do at Home If... by Super Duper Publications is a great speech app for children that have a hard time with both problem solving and social skills. My children lack both of these and struggle with them everyday. This app helps them learn what they would do at home if certain things happen. Children on the spectrum and other disorders run into these problems everyday and don't know how to react. They must be taught what to do in situations and this app helps a lot with that. There is 56 cards included in this app. You can chose which ones to work on or you can work on them all as you see fit. This is great for multiple children and can run it for up to 5 at a time. This is great for home, social groups, schools, theripst, and more. You can keep track of the correct and incorrect responses for 5 players with their names and email them when you are through. I highly recommend any Super Duper apps for special needs children. They will help them with many needs if you find the right combinations for your child :)


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