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Friday, November 4, 2011


WordConnex by Chilly Brrr is a great sorting game. My daughter uses this regularly. You can learn to sort words about spelling, vocabulary, and other things. There is over 1000 different words to sort with over 70 different word sorts. You can pick which ones you want your child to work on by clicking the check marks on them. This is a nice option because they also have the levels from easy to diffacult so you know which your child may or may not be able to do. They hope in the future to add options to upload your own list in the game. My only complaint with this app is the sound. It's hard to understand the words when spoken and they don't read the catagory words outloud so your child needs to know how to read or you have to help by reading them. I'm hopeing that they will fix this but for now that's my only complaint otherwise it's a great app that has many catagories to sort.


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