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Thursday, November 3, 2011

If... Then... Fun Deck

If... Then... Fun Deck by Super Duper Publications is a great thinking and reasoning app. It comes with 52 cards with up to 5 players at a time. I love this app because it makes your child think ahead. If you do this then .... this might happen. This helps children with many different delays and will even help younger "typical" children learn what happends next. The app gives the prompt to the child to continue on the sentence and may even strike up a conversation. You can build on this app by asking your child more questions after they answer the prompted sentence. I do this with my kids to get them to go further with their conversation since they have major issues with this. They have a hard time doing the first step but if they get it I try to continue with it. I love these apps from Super Duper since you get wonderful ideas of conversation starters by starting with the basic sentence and you can end there and keep track of right and wrong answers but then also pick only certain questions you want so you might be able to build around more and longer answers after the starter. The pictures in these apps are great and clear for our children to understand. No stick figures here :)


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