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Friday, November 18, 2011


Pictello by AssistiveWare is a wonderful app brought to you by the same company that brings you Proloquo2Go. You can use this app many ways. You can use it as a photo album that talks to you, a talking book, a story board for your child, and more. You can add your picture and then have up to 5 lines of text. You can record sound such as your own voice or you can use two different high-quality voices. You can share your stories using iTunes file sharing or via WiFi with other Pictello users, or you can send them as a PDF file through email. There is no reading required once a book is made. Your child clicks on the story they want and then it will read to them. You can download voices for 21 other languages and dialects including child voices if you choose. This app does not require active internet to create or playback any of the stories which makes this app perfect for on the go. You can make social stories for your child and teach them many different things or you can just make them a fun story about their life. This app is even great for teachers since you can use it on a VGA monitor or a interactive white board through a VGA adapter. Can't find the right voice with what's available remember you can use your own that you can add or have your child tell the story if they can. This app is very easy to use and I had no trouble creating mulitple books in a very short time. You use your pictures that you already have on your ipad or you can snap a picture right there to add to your story. I would love to see added to this app in the future the ability to get pictures off the internet to add to your story to widen your picture taking even farther. With the abiltiy to add pictures off the internet you could build stories about places your going to make this app even better but it is an awesome app the way it is too. I have really enjoyed making stories for my children right from this app and find it super easy to use. Highly recommended app :)


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