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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Practicing Pragmatics Fun Deck

Practicing Pragmatics Fun Deck is a wonderful app about politeness, problem solving, feelings, giving info, requesting, telephone skills, and staying on topic. This app I feel was made for my kids. This is some of their biggest and greatest problems when it comes to conversations. They don't know how but this app sure helps with that. This app shows the picture and then when touched it will speak out the prompt. In return your child needs to give a verbal response back to the prompt such as "your dad says, "I need help raking the leaves" What do you say?" and many more. I like that it tells you the topic on the top so you can chose what to work on such as feelings, staying on topic, and more. The spoken words in the app are very clear and easily understood. If your child needs practice with any of the topics listed above this app is for sure for you. This is a wonderful app for especially high functioning autism and aspbergers since all these skills listed above come very hard for children on the spectrum. I highly recommend this app :)


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