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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bigmouth Sounds

Bigmouth Sounds by Vox Aux is a wonderful app that helps children learn speech sounds. This app has a friendly character to help your child along. This app can be used by the child themselves or with adult help. There is 24 consonant sounds and 12 vowels. Each of the sounds are presented individualy and in words. There is written and spoken instructions throughout the app on how to make each sound. There is also 5 sound-based stories with pictures that are read aloud to encourage listening and repetition of sounds. There is 5 levels of play that work up in difficulty according to how the child is learning the speech sounds. There is a snap game included that works with two spoken sounds that your child is to find two sounds that match. With this game there is also 5 levels of play to best fit your child's needs. When you first open Bigmouth Sounds you come to the menu screen. You will have 4 choices which are: Sound cards, stories, games, and about us. The about us does have links to their website and their email but if you turn off these features on your iPad/iPod you should have no issues with your child ending up some place they should not. The stories that are included are: birthday party, fairground, balloons, park, and friend. The stories are done very well and are very cute. The sounds are brought out throughout the stories to help your child learn the sounds while listening to very cute stories. This app is highly highly recommended :)

Pros: cute and friendly character
         great sounds and very clear
         stories and games
Cons: would love for better facial sound prompts (hard to tell how your mouth should be to produce sounds)
           more choices on sounds (th, sh, ect.)


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