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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Software Smoothie

Software Smoothie brings you two wonderful apps: iBaby Buttons and Felt Board. Both apps are very well made and fun.

iBaby Buttons is made mainly for babies and toddlers but can be used other ways as well. This app can help with object-word association, cause and effect, speech and visual discrimination as well. This app works by making buttons. You can touch anywhere on the screen to make a button. Each button is interactive and will react to touch and movement of the iPad. This app can even be customized with your own pictures and sounds. This app can be very helpful with speech and many other things depending on how you customize it. As a suggestion for this you could make your own buttons with different expressions and have your child pop that expression when you tell them to find it. There is many was this app could be used with this option if you use a little imagination :). There is a parent shortcut that makes it hard for your child to accidentally change settings on you. I highly highly recommend this app for baby's on up :)

Felt Board is a wonderful and very awesome app. This app gives your child (or you) many different options to make your own felt board without the mess of all the pieces. This app builds on imagination and helps with fine motor skills as well. This app includes shapes, numbers, letters, animals, facial expressions and soo much more. You can make popular nursery rhymes and preschool songs by using the animals that are included in the app. I found this app to be very fun to play with for adults as well as children. This app can make a wonderful teaching item as well a fun everyday app. I've used it many different ways here at home and just love it. My kids love making scenes with the animals and have really enjoyed seeing mom make the songs/stories lol. I highly highly highly recommend this app :)


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