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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Social Adventures

Social Adventures by all4mychild is a wonderful social skills app. I find this app to be a wonderful resource for parents, teachers, and therapist to learn and teach different activities to children with social skill delays. This app includes 44 activities that can be used in many different settings. There is very clear instructions on how to do each activity along with a separate parent tip section. The visuals are made for children and are designed well for use during role play or as cue cards. There is an 8-week program include with this app as a sample plan to help use this app which especially works well in the classroom setting. Some of you may have seen the app "What's in My Bag?" as a separate app but that too is included in this app. This app also has resources with direct links to other apps that might be helpful for your child or students. This app is an expandable platform app meaning more will and can be added to this app as time goes on through updates. The "Bag" app which is included is a fun two or more player game to help build on social skills. You hide in object in the bag and then the others try to guess what that object is. This helps build on communication and playing with others. I have used the Social Adventures app in addition to my other social skill apps regularly. When combining these apps you have a wonderful mix of learning not only for the parent/teacher but also for the child. Social skills don't come easy for my children and with the help of social skill apps have started to learn how to play with others and start making friends. The Social Adventures app brings a mix of child use and parent/teacher use into the mix making it friendly for both. It reminds me of some of the books you can find that have all these activities in it but instead of a book it's in an app which can be built upon as time goes by. Highly highly recommended :)


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