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Monday, April 23, 2012

My First Phone

My First Phone by Playtales is one of the new toys on Playtales. With this phone your child can learn numbers, colors, animals. The play phone has always been a childhood fav in most homes for both boys and girls alike. This phone looks like your basic phone with three buttons that contain numbers, animals and their sounds, and colors on the last button. When your child touches one of the three buttons the keypad will change to that theme. My fav has to be the animals. When your child presses one of the ten animals shown it will show up on the screen of the play phone with the picture of that animal, it will make it's sound, and show the word as well as say the word of the animal. The sound in this app is done wonderfully and is very clear. This toy looks simple but contains a fair amount of items for your child's interest. A great addition to Playtales :) Highly highly recommended :)


                                                ***4/23/2012 till end of week*** :)

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