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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dodo Teacher: Words

Dodo Teacher: Words by MOBITAB d.o.o. is a great app for teaching spelling. This app is set up in game form and supports the game center. There is over 400 words from many different categories. Some of the categories are nature, food, clothing, and much more. There is also 9 different languages available. You interact with Dodo by making him either happy or sad depending on your answers or by making fun of him. The object will be shown on the TV screen in the app and then you must then pick which letters go in the word. The letters will scroll on the bottom of the page with friendly elf like looking creatures. The app is timed so you must think fast. Great for children that have already learned to spell just need to work on quickness. This is a recommended app :)

Pros: great friendly characters
         clear real pictures
Cons: too fast moving
           letters don't always come out in order of word making new spellers have a harder time
           letters might move back if you don't get them right in their square


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