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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wasabi's Larry apps

Wasabi Productions currently has three books in the Larry Lizard series. My children and myself have found all three stories to be fun and enjoyable. I personally love lizards and think they are very cute :). The three titles are Lazy Larry Lizard, Look Out Larry!, and Lost Larry. Lazy Larry includes a bonus "Leapin' Larry" game as an added bonus to the wonderful start of the Larry series. Look Out Larry! offers a memory match game at the end of the story and Lost Larry offers little mini games throughout the story. Each of the three stories are fully animated with little surprises through out. These stories offer movie-like animation and include the "read with me" option with each story. The first story I had from Wasabi was Ten Giggly Gorillas which I fell in love with right away. After that I knew I would also enjoy the Larry stories and boy was I right. I would highly highly highly recommend these wonderful stories with fun and enjoyable animations to add to your story book collection :)


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