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Saturday, March 31, 2012

KidsMg Easter Special Edition

KidsMg Easter Special Edition by Portegno Apps is another awesome addition to the KidsMag series. This app is perfect for all ages with it's wide variety of games, puzzles, and stories. This app has you covered for Easter fun activities all wrapped into one low price. Most magazines make you purchase a subscription which in turn can be very costly. With KidsMag you pick which magazines you want and keep them forever. In this magazine there is: an Easter story with Teo and Bianca, coloring, Easter egg decorating, puzzles, and sooo much more. There is even a recipe for baking cookies in this edition.  Each page in the magazine brings new exciting activities for all to enjoy. My children love all the KidsMag magazines and look forward to them as new ones come out. I even enjoy playing with all the fun activities and am amazed every time we get a new one. With this special edition there is 16 pages of fun activities for your child to enjoy. KidsMag now has 6 different magazines available with three of them being special holiday editions. They are not your ordinary magazines where the content always is the same over and over again. With each activity brings you a new activity to enjoy such as when you finish one puzzle it doesn't end there you get a new puzzle!!! The sound and music are clear and can be adjusted within the magazine to best suit your needs. I highly highly highly recommend all kidsmag magazines :)


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