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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Smarty Ears apps

Smarty Ears brings you a lot of speech and language apps. Their apps have many different functions from AAC apps to basic speech objectives such as categorising items. I have found most of their apps to be very helpful in my home and very easy to use. I am going to now tell you a little about their three newest apps available.

Minimal Pairs Academy: This app is simple and easy to use. This app covers four different categories. The categories are: auditory bombardment, auditory discrimination, production, and phrase completion. The app includes over 900 words and 23 different pairs. The results can then be graphed so you can see how the child is doing over time. This app is wonderful for home, school, and therapy because it will track multiple children for you. You can also share the data as needed whenever you would like. I use this app in my home with my three children. I love being able to share the results with their speech teachers and have found the app simple and easy to use. It also has the option for you to take notes as you go along witch is really helpful to track anything extra you want to add about that speech session. I highly highly highly recommend this app :)

Fun and Functional: This app covers expressive and receptive speech skills. This app has been really helpful in my home and is very simple to use. You can choose to work on expressive or receptive skills alone or you can alternate to cover both. You can once again track and email any results as needed. There is many different options in this app so you can choose what you want your child to work on or you can work on them all. There is also many different levels so you can find one that works best with your child/student. I love that this app covers a lot of the Wh questions and it is so easy to track as you go along. When you must mark if they got it right you can choose: missed it, almost, or got it! which is some wonderful options. With other apps I've used it's either a yes or a no when sometimes you would rather put almost since they just about got it right. The result screen is layed out really nicely and shows you the skills worked on, the level, how many items per screen, percent accuracy and total correct/incorrect. I would highly highly highly recommend this app :)

Categories Learning Center: This app is simple and very easy to use. This app can be used by just the child or with you. This is one of the better sorting apps I've seen and covers many different areas. You can even have multi-player options of up to 4players at a time. There is also a multi-level receptive option for non-verbal as well and a multi-level expressive activity. You can once again track and share for progress monitoring. There is 5main categories. They are: sorting level 1, sorting level 2, where does it go?, category naming, and category selection. This app is not your normal sorting app that is made for preschoolers. This app continues well beyond the preschool years and expands as your child expands learning levels. I find that this app especially works very well in the home but would work anywhere else as well. The multi-player options make it wonderful for small speech groups or even small social skill groups as they have to work together and talk with each other. I highly highly highly recommend this app :)


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